Animal Control Officer:  
Will Watson 207-934-4911

Mrs. Eleanor Hoffman 
Dear Mrs. Hoffman:
I am always amazed at your generosity. Over my eight years you have come in each year at the beginning of the summer and presented me with a check for to be used as I chose within the Town. I remember with fondness the first summer you came in to write my name on the check and I laughed knowing that I could not accept it even though you wanted me to choose the funding recipient in the Town. 
This year we have provided for the work of the Community Animal Committee who over the past few years has done an enormously helpful job in assisting so many seniors with their animals. During these hard economic times many seniors were faced with giving up their animals without the help of this fine group of volunteers. They have not only assisted in providing food and medical care but also in providing transportation to the vets for those who did not have transportation. I personally have the greatest respect for these volunteers who literally spend hours addressing animal issues.
Over the past eight years we have had enormous situations with the population of cats; many being left once the winter rentals end. The Committee has assisted in getting them spade and neutered and also placing them in homes. I think you should also know that our contract with the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk has been such a source of help. Not only have they serviced our community but they have also provided food and medical services at a reduced cost for our community. Our Animal Control Officer, Will Watson, has been a great advocate for our animals as well.
V. Louise Reid
Assistant Town Manager

Helen and Milton Ryder
Ocean Park
This will acknowledge the contribution in memory of Frankee, Spencer and Marley. May you feel a sense of grace as you recognize the good your donation will do.
On behalf of the Committee, my sincere appreciation.
Sincerely yours,
V. Louise Reid
Assistant Town Manager 

Mail Donations to:
Town Hall Finance Director
1 Portland Ave
Old Orchard Beach, ME 04064 
Phone: 207-934-5714 
​Make Check out to:
Town of Old Orchard Beach
With "Community Animal Watch"
in the memo line of your check

Please consider remembering one of your family members, friends, or beloved pets with a donation in memory or in honor of that person/animal. Each donation made in memory of a person/animal is recognized on our website and in our emails.  

Again, this year, Mrs. Hoffman, thank you so much for your continued support. 
Connie McCallum, we thank you, for not only all the help you have given us, for all you do for our Community. And, for the many donations given in Mike's name.
James "Bud" Harmon, gave us a lot of work, and we loved it, when he had 6 truckloads of cans and bottles delivered to us--Thank You
Paul Golzbein
Rich Redmond
Tommy Lemieux
DJ Brian Loblis
and amazing staff--for your continued support--
A donation was given in the memory of "Wilma"  for Robert and Mary Reid
A donation was given in the memory of "Zeus"
for Russell and Denise Kinney
A donation was given by Helen and Milton Ryder
in the memory of "Mabel"
A donation was given in the memory of "Buddy"
for Guy and Paula Fontaine
A donation was given by Helen and Milton Ryder
in the memory of "Peggy"
A donation was given by V. Louise Reid 
in the memory of "Cooter"
A donation was given by Liz Dunkerly
in honor of "Molly"
A donation was given in the memory of "Cliff Hare"
by V. Louise Reid
A donation was given in memory of "Kim Mill Blom"
by V. Louise Reid

Ronnie and Barbara Boutet
We can never thank you enough for all the help received from you and your family.
The many things done for our Community and the donations given in Ronnie's name will always be remembered.
A donation was given by Priscilla Jolicoeur in memory of her son Dan Jolicoeur